Nextwave creates the next avatar of Cricket. And that’s on a Ludo board.

May 18, 2022

Ludo Cricket Clash is an exciting, fun-filled board game

where all the Cricket elements are used, but in the format of Ludo.

Ludo Cricket Clash is the newest creation from the house of Nextwave that blends the thrill of Cricket with the fun of Ludo – a first of its kind in the world.

A free-for-all board game, Ludo Cricket Clash is all about beating your opponent by scoring more runs (that’s cricket for you) but using a dice, on a board (and that’s Ludo for you). In other words, the content is Cricket and the format is Ludo.

Ludo Cricket Clash comes in 4 exciting modes to choose from: (i) Play online – 2 players (1v1) and 4 players (1v3) both against opponents anywhere in the world (ii) Play against AI for practice and fun (iii) Pass & Play on same device, taking turns and (iv) NPL series – take on 9 opponents to win the trophy.

For those seeking refreshingly different and unique games, Ludo Cricket Clash is indeed a boon. The game is on… let the dice start rolling!