Check out World Cricket Championship 2 on Everyplay!

August 6, 2015

Hey guys, as you already know, World Cricket Championship 2 has this awesome feature where you can record your game! (only for high end devices). So we have this amazing Everyplay channel where you can check out the videos that our legendary users posted on that channel. You can also share your videos there and stun us with your imagination and your awesome skills!

So this user really did entertain us. Watch him play this amazing lofted on drive followed by a foiled attempt to play a reverse sweep but he gets his revenge by doing a De Villers and sweeping the fast bowler out of the ground but this all ends with a catch in the boundary! Good luck next time dude! So if you guys have some amazing videos you can share it on our Everyplay channel.

You can check out our channel here in this link: Everyplay WCC2

Good Luck guys!