World Cricket Championship 3 : FAQ

What is the minimum configuration needed to play Wcc3?

Android 5.1 & above, 2GB RAM device.

How do I sign up for the game?

Signing in requires an internet connection. You can use your Google Play Games or Facebook account to sign in, which gives you a one-time Platinum bonus. Alternately, you can use a Guest account (but you will not get the one-time bonus Platinum until/unless you use a Google Play Games or Facebook account).

Can I play the game only if I sign up?

You can play the game even without signing in. We recommend you to sign-in to enjoy extra privileges offered in the game.

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play World Cricket Championship 3 offline but you need an internet connection to sync your game progress and receive your daily platinum rewards

Also, your Mission credit/progress gets tracked only when you are online.

Why should I verify my email id?

This will help us to reach you with important news, promotions, game updates, offers, etc., (we do not spam). It will be useful if you forgot your password & on top of it, you will get bonus points for verifying your email id!

Once I have verified my email ID, can I edit/change it later?

No, you cannot change the verified email ID. One ID holds only one account.

I accidentally deleted the game from my phone. How can I restore it back?

Download the game from the game store again using the same id and everything will be restored.

How can I earn Platinum?

To gain more Platinum

  • Complete Daily Missions. Watch Rewarded videos to double your platinum rewards.
  • Ascending the League of Champs gives you more Platinum rewards for Daily Missions.
  • Earn Mastery Stars and/or complete Career Mode.
  • Buy from Store for cash

What are Daily Missions?

Missions are daily objectives that are set for the user to achieve.

  • Every day, there will be five new Missions.
  • Missions are optional but are a way for you to earn Platinum for free.
  • Access missions from the home screen by tapping the Missions icon on the bottom left. You can view completed, incomplete and ongoing Missions from here, as well as claim Platinum rewards for completed Missions.

Why are there no rewarded videos available for me?

Sometimes a video may not be available as the ad networks are unable to serve you one. We regret that this is not fully in our control and you would need to try again later.

What is League of Champs?

League of Champs (LOC) is a leaderboard that shows you your standing versus other users at any given point in time during a season.

  • Gaining League Score (LS) helps you rise in the League of Champs.
  • The higher your standings in League of Champs, the better your potential Platinum earnings in Daily missions.

What is Career Mode?

Follow the journey of a cricketer through a series of Domestic, League, and International matches.

  • Every match you win, you earn League Points and-or National Points and Upgrade Points.
  • Entries to the tournaments are based on the amount of League / National points you have collected by completing matches. Gain an edge by using gears in career mode.
  • Master the tournaments to get rewarded with platinum.

How do I get more/better Kits?

You can improve your chances of getting Kits, and get better Kits i.e. better grades of Player Upgrade Cards by:

  • Playing more overs per day
  • Winning more matches
  • Attaining higher League Badges in the League of Champs.

How can I upgrade Players?

The Players in your Squad have skills spread across Batting, Bowling and Fielding disciplines. Players upgrades help improve those skills.

  • Use Player Upgrade Cards to improve player skills.
  • Player Upgrade Cards are obtained via Kits and Daily Deals.
  • A Skill can be upgraded up to a maximum of Level 40.

How does Stamina work?

Your Players lose Stamina after every match. It is important to rest players between matches as poor stamina can make it difficult for you to win matches.

  • Stamina is deducted at the beginning of the match. Players lose 5% stamina after every match.
  • Players with poor stamina have poor focus & slower sprint recovery.
  • Stamina can be restored to 100% by putting a player in Recovery.

How can I Recover a player?

Players with poor stamina can be recovered by swapping them with well-rested players from the rest of your squad.

  • In the 'My squad' section, select the player with low stamina, and then tap recover.
  • You will be prompted to switch the player with someone from the rest of the squad.
  • Every 5% recovery in stamina takes 15 minutes.
  • Speed up Recovery by watching Rewarded Videos.

Can I publish my WCC3 gameplay videos/ Recorded matches/ Highlights to YouTube without any copyright issues?

Please note that you can publish your WCC gameplay videos on YouTube, but while adhering to the following conditions -

  • Hacking tips/ Inappropriate content/ Derogatory remarks/ Abusive language are strictly not allowed in the video
  • No other game footage is allowed to be shown as WCC gameplay footage
  • WCC footage cannot be used to promote any other games
  • Credits to Nextwave Multimedia/ World Cricket Championship must be mentioned in the video.